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Derby Days
Gas up the Winnebago and pack your sleeping bag
Kick off your shoes and empty out your head
Fill up the weekend cooler with a week's supply of beer
And forget about the things your mama said

Turn up the good time music and dance the time away
Do-se-do and yodel to the beat
Reach up and grab some sunshine and share it with your friends
And the other smiling people that you meet

Derby days, derby days
Where the women all look pretty and the hippies come to play
Derby days, derby days
Where the living's always easy on that Saturday in May

Drink up the sweet elixir and have a bite to eat
Stuff your belly full until it aches
Cook up a pot of coffee, throw some water in your eyes
And do whatever that you can to stay awake


Look up and watch the day break as you finish off your beer
Try to find a place to get some sleep
Close up your tired eyelids and put your mind to rest
And you'll find the next adventure in your dreams


A Catfish Gracie bluegrass original
Copyright ©2003 by Greg Poulos (3/28/03)