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Guitar Army
Ask where I been working and asking where I live
Pushing for responses when nothing I've to give
Don't hold me to an answer or question my own thought
I'm just a private in the guitar army

Long time say the others, short while gasp the some
Styles changing like the weather or the image I've become
I've not been much for fashion so I do what I believe
Act like a captain in the guitar army

Artificial is the spotlight casting shadows borne of pain
As fortune breeds its demons keeping watch on if I'm sane
I can laugh at all the madness and cry at all the joy
Might be a corporal in the guitar army

Scattered at my feet collect the ashes of the stage
I've come around full circle - liberation from the cage
Everything I wanted's been with me all along
Feel like a general in the guitar army

Copyright ©1993 by Greg Poulos (BMI) (12/4/93)