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It's half past 12 I must be on my way, I'll call you later
It's hard to take society seriously
The weather's fine and work's okay, but idle conversation
Keeps driving me away

I wish you would not leave me here among suspecting glances
I need to know that you're around - beside me
Sometimes I think our love it lost and broken into pieces
Left scattered on the ground

Oh-oh, you speak mysteriously but I still love you
Too much to see you run
Oh-oh, in time I know we'll be together
Two hearts complete as one

I know you better than you think I do - just try and trust me
Your heart is pure, intentions true
I pray you understand my vices - consuming misbehavior
Before they swallow you

I hope that you discover what you're looking for -
    I won't try and stop you
You need some time all by yourself - without me
Insightful retrospection makes you face your darkest feelings
Let me know if I can help

Copyright ©1999 by Greg Poulos (BMI) (9/15/99)