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White Dress Blue

Sunday morning, altar standing, friends and family there
The boulevard is packed with fancy cars and people stare
Eleventh hour phone call throws a wrench in the machine
An unknown operator drives away the limousine

Oh mama, don't let him get your white dress blue
'Cause time'll wash away, take away the pain for you

Church is empty, broken heart, confusion in your head
Rumors running, don't believe the things that people said
Pack away your dress, forget the mess he left behind
Unwrap your hesitation, race to see what you might find


Friday evening, sun is sleeping, moon lights up the sky
Tight-rope walk the ocean with the one who caught your eye
You're a different woman now, your mind is in control
And your heart's a little wiser now, so you can open up your soul


Copyright ©2002 by Greg Poulos (6/9/02)